Teklab Optical Level Switches

Apart from traditional sensors based on pressure, floatation, conductivity etc, Teklab offers a wide range of IR sensors based on infrared emission technology.
These sensors have the advantages of small size, reliability, no moving parts, long life, efficacy and economy. These tiny units are ideal for point level sensing applications where dependability and economy are important. The level switches are suitable for high, intermediate as well as low level detection.
They are easy to install and can be tank top, side or bottom fitted.
Being solid state switching they are rugged and highly dependable over the entire life of the sensor, having no moving parts.

sl-ir-plastic-sensors sl-metallic-ir-sensors
Plastic infrared sensors Metallic infrared sensors
sl-temperature-sensor sl-atex-sensors
Metallic 4-20mA infrared sensors Metallic ATEX infrared sensors

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