Our wide range of level switches has been designed for use in level monitoring applications for the control of oil or refrigerant in various air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The switches have no moving parts, thus they are particularly suited for monitoring critical media where high reliability is needed.
These level switches use electro-optic infrared technology for their operation.
The switch gives an alarm when low (or high) liquid level is detected.


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The oil level is maintained at desired levels by specially designed control systems. Modern oil level controllers use electronic circuits
to achieve the objective. A typical electronic oil level controller that performs both functions of oil level monitoring and oil level
balancing is described below.

The system is compatible with most refrigerants like HFC, HCFC, and CO2.

The mounting onto the compressor is simplified by the dual pitch flange design. In case of different compressors fittings some
adapters are available to allow a quick and easy installation.

The electronic Oil Level Controller monitor the oil level in the compressors crankcase, and in case of oil lack is capable of directly try
to restore the oil or give an output signal.
They have been designed to be mounted directly onto various types of compressors.
The optical sensor monitors the level of the liquid by electro-optic infrared technology.

The electronics is designed to control the oil level of the compressor by activating a solenoid valve for automatic oil filling and
integrates also a separate alarm contact.
The oil level controller can be customized to function with various brands of compressors available worldwide.