K06 Level Switch



The K06 family of level switches with 4-20mA output have bodies made of stainless steel and sensor dome made of glass. They are economical, dependable, and compact in size with overall dimensions of 95 x 27 mm and have no moving parts. They are suitable for harsh industrial environments involving extreme temperaturespressures, vibration and shock. These switches not only sense liquid level but also monitor the temperature of the liquid.These level switches use infra red technology for their operation. They consist of an infrared emitter and an optical receiver. They have an operating temperature range of -40 to 125 deg C. There is a programmable timer inside these K06 level switches that allows a delay time to be set for delaying the output switching. The output mode is normally closed or open in air and the output current (DC or AC) is up to 100mA depending on model.
The 4-20 mA analogue output is proportionate to the temperature measured.  The K06 level switches with 4-20 mA output must not be installed close to any infra red sources.
The dome must be at least 50mm away from any reflective surface. These level switches have electronic protection against transient over voltage, and reverse polarity. The K06 family of level switches have a detection accuracy of +/- 2 mm. They can withstand maximum pressure of 40 bars.

Operation mode:
Detect liquid presence with contact
± 2 mm
Body materials:
Stainless Steel
Sensible dome:
Electronic protections:
Transient over voltage, reverse polarity
Max. Temperature range:
From –40ºC up to +125ºC (depending on terminations)
Storage Temperature:
From –40ºC up to +125ºC (depending on terminations)
Supply voltage:
10 – 28 VDC
Output type:
NPN, NPN open collector, PNP
AC / DC Output current:
up to 100 mA Max (depending on temperature range)
Output mode:
Output Normally Open or Closed in the air
Temperature output type:
Analogical from 4 to 20 mA
Delay times:
Customizables depending on application needings
Max working pressure:
up to 40 bar
Torque tighten:
15 Ntm
Temperature (°C) Current (mA) Voltage (mV)(*)
-40 4 400
-30 5 500
-20 6 600
-10 7 700
0 8 800
10 9 900
20 10 1000
30 11 1100
40 12 1200
50 13 1300
60 14 1400
70 15 1500
80 16 1600
90 17 1700
100 18 1800
110 19 1900
120 20 2000

(*) Example with an external load of 100 ohm resistor