K23 Level Switch



The optical level switch has been designed for use in level monitoring applications for the control of the liquid presence/absence and can be suitable for a lot of applications. The switch has no moving parts, thus it is particularly suited for monitoring media where high reliability is needed. For minimum / maximum level detection the switch must be mounted at the desired height and gives an alarm when low (or high) liquid level is detected. The sensors contains an infrared-ray emitter and an optical receiver. In air (liquid not present), all the light emitted is reflected - internally - by the dome and then redirected to the receiver. When the liquid reaches the sensor dome, a big amount of the light emitted is lost in the liquid and the sensor senses its presence.

Operation mode:
Detect liquid presence with contact
± 2 mm
Body materials:
Polysulphone (PSU)
Sensible dome:
Polysulphone (PSU)
Electronic protections:
Transient over voltage
Max. Temperature range:
From –10ºC up to +85ºC
Storage Temperature:
From –10ºC up to +85ºC
Supply voltage:
5V DC ± 10%
Output type:
NPN open collector
AC / DC Output current:
up to 100 mA Max
Output mode:
Output Normally Open or Closed in air
Delay times:
Customizables depending on application needings
Max working pressure:
up to 5 bar
Torque tighten:
5 Ntm