LC-PS Level Switch



The optical level switch LC-PS has been designed for use in level monitoring applications for the control of low viscosity liquids. It comprises an optical sensor and an output switch. It is realized in two parts to let it possible to replace the electronics without the needing of emptying or depressurizing the plant. The sensor is suitable as minimum or maximum alarm. Delays can be introduced in order to satisfy particular needing or avoid false alarms.
Main Features
  • The absence of mechanical moving parts ensures High reliability
  • Well consolidated steel with fused glass technology ensures no leakage and good chemical compatibility.
  • Electronic sensor can be easily replaced without empty and/or depressurize the plant due to the two parts design.
  • No need for calibrations on the field
  • Direct mounting onto various types of compressors (M20x1.5 or 1”1/8 – 18 UNEF adapter) and tanks (1/2”NPT adapter), etc...
  • Customizable delays on request
  • Unit conform to directives 2014/30/UE and 2014/35/UE

    Supply voltage:
    230VAC@50Hz / 115VAC@60Hz / 24 VAC@50/60Hz / 24VDC depending on selected model
    Electronic protections:
    Transient over voltage protection
    Electrical connection:
    3 wires cable, 1m length
    Output mode:
    Solid state output Normally Open or Normally Closed in air
    Supply current:
    20mA max. during normal operation
    Max. output current:
    Up to 100 mA
    Housing materials:
    Nickel plated steel / PA glass fibre reinforced
    Protection class:
    IP 65
    Max. Temperature range:
    -40°C÷ +85°C
    Max pressure:
    46 bar (for higher pressures, please contact the supplier)
    Torque tighten:
    50 Nm for adapter installation on the system. Hand Screw with strength the sensor to the adapter