Innovative Communication Devices

Main Features

TK4 combines the established reliability and ease of installation of TK3 and TK3+ with revolutionary connectivity capabilities which opens new and interesting usage scenarios for the product.
TK4 in fact integrates a wireless near field communication protocol that allows users to interact with the oil level regulator to expand product’s features.
The communication technology adopted is:

  • Extremely easy-to-use: data accessible without disassembling enclosures and connecting cables.
  • Powered / not powered operating: several information accessible also when the electronics is not powered (useful for quick and easy in-house customization).
  • Highly compact and cost effective: the product keeps its very compact design and there is no need for expensive devices.
  • Highly safe: password protected point to point single link with limited range of operation to avoid unwanted changes from unauthorized personnel.
  • Really Flexible: possibility of modifying functioning parameters and verify working conditions (also in real time) to optimize system’s operation.
  • Open for the future: Teklab is continuously in contact with customers for adding features to the product.

Typical applications are

  • Verification of product operation status and system operating conditions during normal maintenance operations.
  • Functioning timings customization
  • Alarm timing customization

Note. Customizations possible both “off line” (factory setting before shipping and installation) and “on line” (on the field system adjustment / optimization).

Available programming interfaces are