TK3+ 80 bar Version



The TK3+ is designed to control the oil level in the compressor crankcase in order to avoid the compressor to run without oil and so improve its lifetime. TK3+ monitors the oil level with the embedded electro-optic sensor and comprises a solenoid valve for oil filling and a relay output contact to give an alarm. Key features of TK3+ oil level controller
  • High reliability ensured by absence of mechanical moving parts
  • Sight glass and electronic LEDs can be checked on the same side where is more comfortable to do inspections
  • Well consolidated steel with fused glass technology with absence of seals ensures no leakage and good chemical compatibility
  • 24 VAC / 230 VAC power supply options
  • Easy maintenance of the coil of the valve and of the Electro-Optic sensor that can be easily replaced without emptying or depressurizing the plant
  • 230 VAC /2A alarm relay output suitable for direct connection in the security chain of the system
  • Adapters suitable for various types of compressors
  • Unit conform to directives 2014/30/UE and 2014/35/UE
Some advantages of this solution
  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Left/Right mounting possibility with the same TK3+
  • Reduction of the number of junctions in the circuit with less possibility of having leakages
  • Usage of less components (simplified circuit and easier warehouse management)
  • Simplified Installation (cost savings in terms of installation time)

Supply voltage:
24 VAC ± 10% or 230 VAC ± 10% depending on model
Supply current:
Each TK3+ requires 30VA (depending on the solenoid valve)
Electrical connection:
9.4mm Industry Standard Connectors / EN175301-803A Connector or spare wires
Output type:
Contact free relay output NO and NC
Relay outputs Up to 230VAC @2A
Housing materials:
Nickel plated steel / PA glass fibre reinforced
Enclosure protection class - IP 65
Media Temperature:
from -40°C to +85°C
Ambient Temperature:
from -40°C to +60°C
Max working pressure:
80 bar (higher pressure limits available on different TK3+ models)
60 bar (higher pressure limits available on different TK3+ models)
Oil Return Line:
7/16 – 20 UNEF male
Cable Type:
PVC cable CEI 20-22. Working temp.: -20 ÷ +70 °C (fixed laying)